Saturday 2 August 2008

A Wildman In London!

Was a strange, hairy humanoid once contained beneath London's gloomy underground in the 1940s ? Neil tells us about this intriguing story HERE
Photo by geese on flickr


Unknown said...

Whenever I read about various wildmen sightings,I think back to two different stories about children that were starting to be "retrained" to be human after having been taken in from the wilds. One,a girl, was raised by domestic dogs. The other,a boy,was never able to communicate how he had survived. Its anyone's guess. He was taught basic words and abilities,but never became fully "human",nor did the girl. They both had postures of wild animals,ate like them,communicated in barks and grunts,etc etc. It sure makes one wonder as to the possibilities of adaptation and hwo this pertains to encounters.

Great post as always,Neil!

kerstin said...

Great site! Have always been interested in cryptozoology.
Do you know about Andrew Collins' Brentwood Griffin?

Neil A said...

Thanks for the email, would you be interested in sharing links ?

Alex said...

Great site! i found today. I grab the RSS to my Reader. :)