Thursday 10 February 2011

Black leopard seen twice at Anerley

Anerley, situated in the Bromley district, may well be the prowling ground of what the local press incorrectly dubbed 'the Palace puma'. Recently a ten-year old girl, whilst getting ready for school at 7:25 am, peered from her bedroom window and was shocked to see an enormous cat, black in colour, with a long, thick tail walking along a fence line. The girl saw the animal again a week or so later whilst in her mother's car. They drove into a parking area at 6:30 pm one evening, in the vicinity of their house, when the girl glimpsed the cat slink down a slope. She stated that the animal was bigger than a Labrador dog.

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Unknown said...

They seem to be coming out in droves recently. I always wonder whether there is any rhyme or reason for the hows, wheres, whens, and whys of the sightings, especially during upswings.
Do you think some of the same individuals could be following food sources and are seen in different locations because they are simply moving and not necessarily that witnesses are seeing many different cats, Neil? Or could there perhaps be a breeding population booming and establishing itself now?
These are the questions that go over and over in my mind when I look at the reports.
Hope you are well ol friend.