Tuesday 11 August 2009

The 'monkey' of Bexley!

This report came in from a woman named Liz:

'I think I saw a monkey run across the road in front of me this morning (11th August 2009) as I was driving from Bexley to Bexleyheath.

It was a sort of greeney, browny stone colour with hanging fur from its skinny limbs and it ran across the road with a slightly sideways skip on back legs and one front leg. It didn’t move like a cat but it was so quick that it had gone before I was aware what was happening. I looked down the drive of the house it had run towards but of course saw nothing. It wasn’t very big, sort of large cat sized but would probably be about 20 – 24 inches tall had it been standing.'

Monday 10 August 2009

The Disembodied Roar...

Neil's latest episode of THE SATURDAY STRANGENESS

Black 'panther' seen at Norwood

On 8th August 2009 at approximately 4:00pm the Barrett family walking in woods at Norwood, between Church Road and Auckland Road, observed a five-foot long black animal. The cat emerged from the undergrowth, crossed the path into vegetation and then re-emerged. The animal then headed straight towards the family.

Mrs Barrett immediately grabbed her 2-yr old child, and the family ran off back to Church Road. The incident was reported to local police who went to the area but found no sign of the large cat.

In the past sightings have been reported from Sydenham, Bexley, Bromley, Penge, Carshalton and Croydon.