Wednesday 30 September 2009

Did 'big cat' eat domestic cat ?

Left, one of several photo's taken by Sara Hill of eaten domestic cat.

SYDENHAM: Panther could be to blame for 'savage' death of pet cat
3:50pm Monday 28th September 2009
By Dan Keel

A PANTHER is feared to be on the loose after a mother-of-three stumbled across a pet cat which had been "savaged" and eaten.
Sara Hill, 32, made the grim discovery on Saturday during her daily walk around Sydenham's Southend Park with her two dogs and eight-month-old son, Archie.
A cat, still wearing its collar, was lying in the middle of a footpath and had been stripped of its fur, skin and flesh. Only its head and feet remained untouched.
The horse groomer who lives in Bellingham, said: "As I walked up to it I thought it was an old jumper - but then as I got closer I suddenly realised what it was.
"It's one of the most horrific things I've seen. I am a country girl and have seen a lot of dead animals and have plucked chickens - but I wasn't prepared for this.
"The poor thing had been completely savaged. There is no way a dog did it, as it would have been ripped apart. And a fox would have taken it away."
Miss Hill sent News Shopper some photos of the body which can be seen by clicking on the link below.
We passed them to full-time big cat researcher Neil Arnold, who has been studying cat sightings in the area for more than 20 years.
He said: "It looks very much like a large cat would carry out this type of kill, especially when comparing it to other kills I've examined over the years.
"The main animal seen around Sydenham, Penge, Norwood and Bromley is a black leopard - or panther.
"I've seen a black leopard three times locally, and have evidence such as livestock kills, faeces and paw-prints. But kills of animals are the best evidence."
He added: "When a leopard kills, it kills only to eat, to survive, and will rasp away fur with a sandpaper like tongue leaving a very clean kill.
"Domestic cats are on the menu although preferred prey is pigeon, pheasant, rabbit, rats, mice, and also larger prey such as deer and sheep.
"A black leopard mainly hunts at night and a cat seen around Sydenham could also travel to Sidcup, Welling, Dartford, via Orpington, Sidcup, Crayford, Hayes - all areas where a black leopard has been seen."
Mr Arnold also said black leopards are no threat to humans unless cornered, provoked or injured.

Friday 25 September 2009

Is this a photo of the 'Palace' puma/panther ? (OF COURSE NOT!!)

Recently there has been more ludicrous coverage of the 'Palace puma', and things have taken a turn for the worse with this photo, taken by Leia Mazur, allegedly showing a 'big black cat'. Of course, the photo shows a domestic cat and nothing more. It's rather sad that the story made the local Streatham Guardian newspaper, read HERE for the full pointless story.

Saturday 19 September 2009

The 'Palace puma'...

Neil clears up the facts and fiction of the latest London 'big cat' sighting, at his latest episode of the SATURDAY STRANGENESS

Friday 18 September 2009

Neil Arnold in the KENTISH TIMES

Neil discusses his full-time research into 'big cat' sightings and their evidence, with the KENTISH TIMES.

Humpback whale stranded on banks of River Thames

Story from the DARTFORD TIMES

Sunday 13 September 2009

More London 'mermaids'...


Fortean Times comic strip

The latest issue of Fortean Times magazine features an excellent comic-strip by resident artist Hunt Emerson, in reference to the colourful characters who attended this years 'Weird Weekend' at Devon. Neil Arnold can be seen tight of centre next to Goth ringmaster Richard Freeman!

Monday 7 September 2009

Now, it's the 'beast of Bromley'!!

With recent sightings of the so-called 'Palace Puma' on the rise, two teenagers have come forward to report on their recent encounter, but in the Bromley area. The story courtesy of the Newsshopper.

Friday 4 September 2009

Is this the beast of Crystal Palace ?

Of course not, but it's a nice, comical edge to the mystery, courtesy of the Transmitter blog HERE

Beast of Ongar on prowl again ?

Story from the Epping Forest Guardian

Ruislip beast keeps witnesses on alert...

More from the June 2009 panic concerning a possible coyote sighting. HERE

More west-London weirdness...

What mysterious creature is roaming Ruislip ? Find out HERE

What lurks in Uxbridge ?

Sightings of coyote's, wolf-like creatures and dingo's ? Whatever next ? The Uxbridge Gazette goes on the trail HERE

Strange Bird-Like Creature Seen in Piccadilly.

Strange but true ? Another weird tale from The London Chronicle.

Written by Administrator
Friday, 14 July 2006
Strange Bird-like Creature Seen in Piccadilly.

Circus noted photographer Lance McDurmont, who has been working on a photographic tour of London, when he was struck down violently by an animal of unknown origin. Just before passing out he was able to capture a photo of the creature, however damage to the camera has caused it to come out blurred and barely visible. While there have not been any official copies of the photograph released to the public, it is said to be of a "avian nature with hawk-like claws". Mr. McDurmont is currently hospitalized, but is in stable condition. Doctors believe he will be able to make a full recovery within a week.

Beast of the Depths Strikes Again.

From The London Chronicle this bizarre tale:

Beast of the Depths Strikes Again

Written by Administrator
Saturday, 12 August 2006

Beast of the Depths Strikes Again.

Another sewer worker has disappeared leading to more reports of a deadly creature in the sewers of London. Paddy Patterson, an employee of Thames Water, was working on a pipe repair when he failed to report back in after his shift. A search party is underway. He is the third person to vanish after venturing into the sewers of London.

For some months now there has been rumours spreading over the 'Beast of the Depths' and it's possible involvement in the disappearances. No one has ever confirmed the existence of the creature however theories and sketches can be found all over the internet. Many of the pictures show the creature as having a long extended snake-like body, a huge gaping maw and long fangs.
Thames Water have denied the presence of any living creature in the sewers. A spokesman for the company stated 'We have carried out extensive surveys of the sewer tunnels in the vicinity of the reported incidents but have found no evidence that the so called Beast of the Depths exists.' However, no explanation has yet been provided for the disappearances. Until the mystery is resolved, the Beast of the Depths lives on.

The Croydon Guardian leap onto the beastly bandwagon!

More on the 'Palace Puma' HERE

The Newsshopper get their knickers in a twist over the 'Palace Puma'.

Despite sightings of large, exotic cats being reported to local press for many years, it's a tragedy that the facts are often waylaid in the need for sensationalism - even more bizarre when you consider that the facts are far stranger than the fiction created! Scott Mullins, reporter with the Newsshopper went on the track of the Palace puma, even though the animal in question isn't a puma, and it had nothing to do with Crystal Palace! The confusion can be read HERE

The 'Palace' puma hunt is on...