Wednesday 30 June 2010


Roll up, roll up for the magical mystery monster tour...step right this way for a surreal and supernatural safari through the concrete jungle.

Neil Arnold's new book, 'Paranormal London' is OUT NOW. Published by The History Press, this collection of obscure, chilling and monstrous tales features a menagerie of phantom animals, from hellhounds, to ghostly cats and birds, spectral ape's, and ethereal bears. Relive the horror of Hackney Marshes, or come and visit Mr Davy's monster. Peer in at the London mermaid, or howl in terror at the wolf of Clapham Common.

And then we have the tales pertaining to 'big cats' on the loose...the Surrey puma, the Sydenham leopard, the Cricklewood lynx, the Edgware tiger and the lioness of Winchmore Hill.

And it gets weirder...flying jellyfish on Wimbledon Common ? Forget The Wombles!

An angel on the Thames, UFOs, ghostly goings on, dancing coals, fish falling from the sky, pennies from Heaven, and those ghastly, sinister phantom assailants such as Spring Heeled Jack, the London Monster, the Hammermsith spook and the phantom wall smasher. And what about vampires ? Oh yes, they are here too. The Highgate vampire, a tall, red-eyed spectre responsible for mass hysteria in the 1960s at Highgate's Gothic cemetery.

'PARANORMAL LONDON' is a highly original look at London's weirder side...a side where the wild things are.

Available from all good book shops, Amazon, or direct from The History Press

Buy your copy now and see London in a different light....

Saturday 12 June 2010

Crows attack woman in Catford

From the Newsshopper:

An elderly dancer is the latest person who has fallen victim to an horrific crow attack. Last month, News Shopper revealed how blonde joggers in an Eltham Park were being terrorised by a crow. Now 75-year-old great-grandmother Edna Lunt, of Nelgarde Road, Catford, has revealed how she was recently attacked by a bloodthirsty bird in her own garden.She said: “I pulled my sunchair towards the light. As I sat down on it, it tipped up backwards. “While my legs were up in the air this crow came down and started dive-bombing me and making screeching noises. “It was like a horror movie.“I got up and started running. I shouted ‘It’s after me,’ and then I fell in the flower bed.” Edna Lunt said: "I was relieved I hadn't lost my beans" Mrs Lunt, a keen dancer and former actress, sprained her ankle but managed tolimp back inside her house to escape. She said: “Scared would be an understatement. I had to pour myself a brandy. “It was determined to have a peck at me and it wouldn’t go away. After I went inside, it flew on the roof and just stayed there, waiting.”Mrs Lunt admits the attack made her doubt her own sanity.She said: “I was relieved when I saw the News Shopper story and realised I hadn’t lost my beans.” Edna Lunt's injuries News Shopper has also received reports of a crow targeting staff at a car park beside Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich. One victim, blonde hospital ward clerk Irene Wade, was divebombed and even pursued into the hospital building.She said: “It was emitting an awful croaking noise and seemed to be doing it more as it followed me. I was scared stiff.”