Thursday 21 April 2011

Black leopard seen near Heathrow

On Sunday 16th April two fisherman travelling anti-clockwise on the M25 between junctions 11 - 12 saw an enormous large cat in a field 300 yards from the road. The cat was around four-feet in length and had an extremely long tail.

Monday 18 April 2011

Did a big cat roam Enfield in 2010 ?

The following email was received from an Enfield resident:

'Hi, the animal was jet black about the size of rottweiler dog it was seen at about  25-30 yards from the 2nd floor at 3:30am 10/06/2010.  10-15 seconds, I was not sure until it walked under a street light it walked slowly.l'm 100 sure it was cat as it got closer I was more sure,please could you inform me of any previous or new sightings in enfield or north london the cat was seen at lower kenwood avenue en2 roundabout.'