Thursday 30 August 2012

Hilariously dimissive article at The Daily Mail

So, there are no big cats roaming the UK! Well I never....since the Essex lion farce all manner of 'people' have wormed their way out of the woodwork to scoff at big cat reports, even though those who research them or believe in them knew full well that the Essex lion affair was just a case of hysteria. Even so, take a look at this ludicrous blog: from a clearly intelligent chap who states quite categorically that there's no evidence for exotic cats in the UK and that they just be lumped alongside folkloric creatures such as Spring Heeled Jack. The article dismisses the thousands of exotic cat reports without once looking at a shred of evidence and I'm pretty sure this was written to massage the ego of the journalist in question or to spark a bit of controversy. Whilst stories such as the Essex lion make a mockery of genuine research, and yes, we've heard these stories countless times before, we've also heard the journalistic view before too - dire salivating from sceptical folk who venture no further than their keyboard in their quest for truth.