Friday 4 September 2009

Beast of the Depths Strikes Again.

From The London Chronicle this bizarre tale:

Beast of the Depths Strikes Again

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Saturday, 12 August 2006

Beast of the Depths Strikes Again.

Another sewer worker has disappeared leading to more reports of a deadly creature in the sewers of London. Paddy Patterson, an employee of Thames Water, was working on a pipe repair when he failed to report back in after his shift. A search party is underway. He is the third person to vanish after venturing into the sewers of London.

For some months now there has been rumours spreading over the 'Beast of the Depths' and it's possible involvement in the disappearances. No one has ever confirmed the existence of the creature however theories and sketches can be found all over the internet. Many of the pictures show the creature as having a long extended snake-like body, a huge gaping maw and long fangs.
Thames Water have denied the presence of any living creature in the sewers. A spokesman for the company stated 'We have carried out extensive surveys of the sewer tunnels in the vicinity of the reported incidents but have found no evidence that the so called Beast of the Depths exists.' However, no explanation has yet been provided for the disappearances. Until the mystery is resolved, the Beast of the Depths lives on.

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