Thursday 6 September 2007

'Panther' roaming Carshalton


A Carshalton man is in shock after reportedly seeing a puma race across his back garden last night.
Darren Mason, 37, from Park Avenue, was about to take in some evening hedgehog spotting with his family when the mysterious black cat darted across his lawn at roughly 8.30pm.
"All of a sudden this large dark animal with long legs and a long tail and the size of a Labrador darted across the back of the garden." he said.
"I turned to my partner and said, What the hell was that?', thankfully she saw it too so it wasn't just me.
"The only way I could describe it was like a puma, it was the way it moved, it was so fast, crossing the garden in seconds."
Have you spotted Sutton's big cat? Call the newsdesk on 020 8330 9541.
12:39pm Tuesday 4th September 2007
By Heather Darlington

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