Saturday 1 December 2007

Mystery bird

An unidentified flying bird has been spotted over Battersea.
Early reports suggest it is a buzzard, but a possible sighting of an eagle in neighbouring Kingston has got twitchers excited.
Brian Barnes of Battersea snapped the bird near Battersea Power Station after seeing it circling in the sky.
Mr Barnes said: "It was circling high above while a flock of green parrots passed below.
"Then I saw it flying above Wandsworth town centre."
Earlier this week a man saw a large bird flying in Kingston.
The man said: "He was about two foot high and had a wingspan of about 4ft. I think it was an eagle."
Have you seen the bird near you or can you identify it?

From THIS IS LOCAL LONDON 9th November 2007
(actual photograph on right - buzzard ? eagle ? or something else ?)

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