Sunday 18 May 2008

Crypto-talk in London

Press Release from JACK ASHBY:

Dear all, You are warmly invited to a very exciting free event at the Grant Museum as part of our Cryptozoology Season...
A Beginner’s Guide to CryptozoologyTuesday 20th May, 6pmDarwin Lecture Theatre, UCLHow do you search for an animal that has never been seen? Are there mysterious beasts roaming our moors? How can you tell superstition from reality? Jonathan Downes and Richard Freeman, Director and Zoological Director of the Centre for Fortean Zoology - the world’s only professional organisation dedicated to cryptozoology - join us to discuss what cryptozoology is and how it is studied. They will give fascinating highlights of their many expeditions in search of hidden animals like the Mongolian Deathworm, the Mexican goat-sucker and the Loch Ness Monster. Following the talk, join us for a free glass of wine in a private view of the Museum.This event is free, there is no need to book.The Cryptozoology SeasonThe Cryptozoology Season explores the world of hidden animals and the people who work with them. From the lives of those who study species unknown to science, like Nessie and Bigfoot, to expeditions in search of animals presumed extinct, our talks, events and film-night will investigate this marginalised subject in exciting ways. Is it mainstream science or paranormal research? Come and make up your own mind.For more events in the Cryptzoology Season log on to:

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