Sunday 27 July 2008

Phantom Horse Of London

Neil's tale of the spectral coach and horses said to have once haunted an area near Windsor.


Unknown said...

Excellent post,Neil!
Being a person who loves horse,Im especially intrigued by this subject,and you raise a fantastic question about the inanimate objects being part of an apparition.
There surely must be some intelligence behind these spectres,if in fact they are truly spectres and not a residual haunting. The fact that they show up at specific times is certainly speculative of intelligence in my opinion.
Perhaps they wait patiently in another dimension to do the job they were destined to do when the time comes.
Have an awesome evening,my dear friend!

Neil A said...

Indeed Raven, I've often pondered the mystery of phantom animals. Some are clearly just 'phantom animals', the ghosts of dead pets, zoo animals etc, but in regards to some hauntings I find it very odd that when animals are involved with carriages etc, we always see the whole thing rather than just the horses or just the driver sitting in mid-air. Peculiar. Whether this is down to the intelligence of the form, or something more complex connected to the human mind we'll never know...we're not meant to!