Wednesday 24 September 2008

Spring-Heeled Jack

The caped assailant from the 1830s is the subject of Neil's latest article at THE LONDON WORD


Jae Kay said...

D'oh! I was just writing a post about him for my blog, and now you've gone and stolen my thunder! :D Great article, I'll put mine on hold for awhile me thinks.

Gareth said...

Really enjoyed the article. SHJ is a personal favourite cryptid of mine so this was a pleasure to read.

Neil A said...

Thanks for the comments. Spring-Heeled Jack is not a cryptid by the way, cryptids are animals of the fringe of existence, SHJ was merely a bizarre humanoid!!

stangerlore said...

I have been cooking up a horror novel for the past four years based around this particular freak devil-man.

I live in Barnes and the common where he was first sighted is still spooky at night but in the times of Jacks first sighting was a dangerous place to be.

Good little article get in contact with me and I can show you around Barnes common :)