Sunday 25 October 2009

Beast of Catford!

Overat the Sydenham Town Forum, a woman named Coral on 16th October 2009 reported the following:

'A month ago whilst walking home along Datchet Road, Catford between 22.00 and 22.30hrs I saw what appeared to be a big cat. It was strolling between cars and front pathways of houses. I had no idea of previously reported sightings of black panthers and such like until my daughter later informed me of such. It was not black but more a brownish colour. The height was about 2 - 3ft high, thin body frame and it's fur was much shorter than a pet cat. The head was definetly that of the cat family. Make no mistake about it all you doubting Thomas's out there, a big Cat is definetly at large in the borders of Catford/Sydenham.'

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