Sunday 6 May 2007

The Acton puma and other pets!

In 1975 MP Peter Templemore claimed that, “Someone sooner or later will get killed”, in response to a strange incident at Acton in London where an estranged husband dumped his puma in the back garden of his former home, with wife and kids trapped inside screaming for help. The man left a note saying that he had nowhere else to put the cat, and it took the local police and RSPCA two hours to get the terrified family of the man out of the house.

The South Harrow puma, which was owned by a local man in 1974 who often walked his prized pet through the local streets was one of many large cats owned in the capital. However, on one occasion, during the November of ’74, things got out of control. The owner in question casually strolled into the Farm House pub with his puma on a lead. After a short while several locals began to feel uncomfortable in the presence of the wild animal and so the man was asked to leave. Although he complied with the requests of the staff and customers, the beast didn’t, and in turn went berserk. The landlady at the time commented that, “It took the man fifteen minutes to get the puma out of the pub and into his car, during which it tore off the man’s glove and ripped open his hand”, this was after it had caused severe damage to the chair upholstery in the public house, as well as damaging tables, smashing glasses and demolishing the bar in its frenzy. Then, the cat decided to shred the car seats and the police were called to the scene where, after a short time, they towed both the vehicle and the aggravated felid away. Later, the man was charged with being drunk and incapable. But what happened to his cat ?

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