Friday 4 May 2007

Bexley 'beast' back on the prowl.

The Beast of Bexley has been on the prowl again.

This time the large black cat was spotted by Betty Morris.
It was stalking the streets around Becton Place, Northumberland Heath.
Mrs Morris, 60, was closing her bedroom window at about 10.20pm on April 21 when she saw the cat.
She said: "I don't think it is a panther. It was smaller, more like a black leopard, and had a huge long tail."
Mrs Morris added: "It sauntered along the road, then stopped under a street light.
"It waited while three men walked past on the other side of the road, then sprayed some bushes with its scent before walking off towards some empty garages."
She said: "I wanted to take photographs but my camera was in the living room and I was just transfixed.
"My husband had just gone out in the car and I called him to tell him there was a leopard going up the road. Then I called Bexleyheath police."
9:50am Tuesday 1st May 2007

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