Sunday 12 August 2007

Crayford 'big cat'.

A passenger on a train has seen a black leopard.
The incident occurred late June 2007, when a Nicola Short was sitting on the train at Crayford station around 9:30 pm, when she was amazed to see a big, black cat descend a nearby tree and head off into the undergrowth. Although such a sighting may sound strange, reports of large felids around railway lines are very common.
Author and so-called 'big cat' researcher connects cats and railway lines in a paranormal manner, but this is complete rubbish. Cats such as leopards, puma and lynx use railway lines to navigate at night, as they are ideal routes to prowl into towns of a night as their is ideal cover along the shrub shrouded tracks. There is also an abundance of prey such as rabbits which live along the railway lines.
During the early hours and late at night railway stations are deserted locations, so a large cat could easily use the car parking areas, bridges and lines themselves to hunt in the same way they use areas of water, backyards etc, for cover.

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