Monday 27 August 2007

Mystery fish

A teenager on a summer evening stroll found a real fish out of water on the banks of the River Crane this week.
Isleworth residents Imogen Doole, 16, (pictured holding the fish) and her father, Steve, discovered the huge fish lying dead on the bed of the River Crane near the junction of St Margaret's Road and Railshead Road.
Mr Doole said the sighting of such a large fish is unusual for the River Thames tributary.
He is now appealing to anglers to identify the species and to have a guess as to why it may have swam up the small canal.
He said: "It seemed to be about 80cm long and I'll guess that it weighs much more than five kilos.
"Perhaps the fish became disoriented or lost once it found itself in the shallow water with the tide falling, or it couldn't get out.
"Maybe the man-made concrete channel had something to do with it."


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