Sunday 28 October 2007

Harrow 'big cat'.

From Harrow Times - 10th October 2007

A mysterious big cat has been spotted in Kings Langley.The large dark cat, with a big head and bushy tail was sighted on Watford Road on Sunday by an Enfield businessman and a local farmer.Jonathan O'Shea, 33, said: "I couldn't believe it. I was taking my partner to Champneys for her birthday on Sunday at around 8.30am and we went the wrong way and then 70 metres ahead of us we saw something."I couldn't figure out what it was we couldn't register the size of it in our heads. It was mad, crazy."Jonathan, director of Rawstorne Construction and his partner Nicola Sayers, also 33, said the cat was dark brown or black, had a big tail and was the size of a small weimaraner dog.Jonathan said: "I lived in Sweden for a few years and it was bigger than a lynx probably the size of a snow leopard."It wasn't wearing a collar and it wasn't a normal cat because of the way it was moving across the road."It was just the most amazing thing and I haven't stopped talking about it, it was awesome."Charlie Wray, of Wayside Farm in Watford Road, said: "I came back down the farm at around 8am on Sunday and saw something run out into the maize."At first I thought it was a fox but it didn't run like a fox, it held it's head up high. It was dark brown and had a big head."

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