Monday 22 October 2007

Mystery Mammal

From the Wimbledon Guardian (UK): 3 Oct. 2007
Is mystery squirrel playing possum after un-Common sighting?

Walkers on Wimbledon Common could be forgiven for thinking they are nuts following reports of a mystery mammal. According to an eyewitness a strange animal similar to a squirrel is hiding out on the common leaving people wondering what kind of beast it could be. So far educated guesses on website Wild About Britain have included the Australasian sugar glider, the North American flying squirrel or another species of possum. Rather more tongue-in-cheek suggestions have included a flying womble - on account of the common being home to the fictional TV characters. Wandsworth's Kolin Barnz, who spotted the beast while on the commen, said: "It was squirrel-like but its face looked more mouse-like, with long whiskers, black eyes and small ears. "As it jumped between trees, flaps of skin stretched between its front and back legs and it gilded to the next tree. I couldn't believe my eyes." How the animal got to its new home is anyone's guess, but it is possible it could be someone's escaped pet.

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