Sunday 15 April 2007

'Beast' of Bexley seen again ?

Newsshopper- 3rd April 2007

TERRIFIED cousins locked themselves in their homes and called for help after spotting "the beast of Bexley".
Tina Rutherford, 27, and Joanne Parfitt, 30, who live next door to each other in Silver Spring Close, Erith, spotted the large black cat on derelict land last Friday morning.
Miss Rutherford said: "Joanne saw the cat in the scrubland which leads to the nearby sand quarry.
"She drove down the road to get a closer look and realised it was too big to be an ordinary cat. She rang me to have a look."
Miss Rutherford added: "It was sitting on a bank and looked over at us before getting up and walking out of sight. It was huge and had a long thick tail."
"The cat then reappeared by the trees. It was bending down and appeared to be eating something."

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