Sunday 15 April 2007

Public vote on the Bexley 'beast' !!

Beast of Bexley could be out there

Almost two thirds of people think there is at least a chance the 'beast of Bexley' could be real.
In a poll on News Shopper's site, 31.7 per cent of people said the beast is definitely on the loose.
The same percentage of voters also said they don't know if the beast exists - but it could.
Just 36.6 per cent of voters said there is no such thing as a beast on the prowl around Bexley.
Over the past few years there have been numerous supposed sightings of a panther-like black creature.
Have you seen the beast or do you even believe it could be real? Add your comments below.
12:08pm Saturday 7th April 2007
By Simon Bull

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