Friday 6 April 2007

Berkeley Square horrors

Once considered an extremely haunted location, and investigated by many ghost hunter's, including Elliot O' Donnell, Berkeley Square and its eeriness is now the stuff of legend but seems bereft of any further activity since its haunting during the Victorian era.
In his book HAUNTED HOUSES, author Charles G. Harper wrote:
"There is quite a literature accumulated around No. 50 and even in the staid pages of Notes and Queries the questions of 'haunted or not haunted?', and if so, 'By what or whom?', have been debated. It seems something or other, very terrible indeed haunts or did haunt a particular room. Whatever it is, has been sufficiently awful to have caused death, in convulsions, of at least two fool hardy persons who have dared to sleep in that chamber."

Mentions of a little girl ghost are rife but the main malignant entity seems to be a shapeless horror that terrified two sailors so much to the extent that one of them leapt to his death, whilst the other was arrested for it.
In 2001 one of the bookseller's now occupying the place saw a strange brown mist in the room, but nothing untoward or remotely sinister resembling the dark activity of the past has resurfaced.

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Stewart Sloan said...

As a writer of horror stories with five books published the Berkeley Square horror has always been one of my favourite stories.

Stewart Sloan