Friday 6 April 2007

Phantom dogs

As mentioned in the above link London's most known phantom hound was that which stalked the old Newgate Prison, but other hellhounds and ghostly dogs have also been reported around the capital although such legends are ar less common than the more classic canid apparitions such as Black Shuck, Striker, Padfoot, Guytrash, Roy Dog etc.
Some ghostly dogs are simply just that, and are said to roam the Spanish galleon public house in Greenwich, whilst another haunts the Anchor Tavern in South East London.
Other dog apparitions have been seen at 523 Wandsworth Rd, this particular spectral animal was sighted during the 1960s after a dog was killed on the road outside.
At Baker Street a glowing dog, possibly a Dachshund, is said to haunt a stretch of the road.
Ghostly dogs around London seem far and far between however, but if you've heard of any such legends please get in touch.

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